Shani Soloff


Shani has been practicing physical therapy since graduating from SUNY Brooklyn in 1994, with a focus on helping people solve their pain and optimize their abilities in everyday function, exercise and sports. Based on her passion for manual therapy and educating patients to reduce strain on the body with posture and body mechanics, Shani founded Stamford Physical Therapy and The Posture People.

Shani holds an advanced degree in orthopedic physical therapy, a certification in manual therapy from the IPA, as well as a certification in ergonomics from the Back School of Atlanta. She has taken extensive continuing education coursework in manual therapy, posture, and exercise, and continues to focus on learning and teaching. She balances work, being a mother to 3 incredibly well-behaved children, and working out in her spare time.

Sarah Weingarten


Sarah earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Wesleyan University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. Sarah is passionate about hands-on treatment and patient education, with the goal of working with her patients to maximize their quality of life.

Sarah has taken extensive continuing education courses focusing on manual therapy techniques as well as pain neuroscience education. Sarah treats each individual using a combination of manual therapy, personalized exercise programs, and patient education about what drives their pain, and how to manage it. When she is not working with patients, Sarah can be found working at the barn where she keeps her horse, Crush, or out competing Crush at three phase events throughout the Northeast.