The Posture People Ergonomic Health and Wellness

We provide physical therapy and injury prevention solutions to businesses, and are proud to be a certified Woman-Owned Small Business.

The Posture People help companies prevent work-related sprain/strain injuries. We are a people and service-focused business, and provide injury prevention solutions based on our physical therapy expertise. The Posture People have a proven track record of sustained injury reductions of up to 30% with our clients.

We have a suite of physical therapy, ergonomics and wellness services and programs, and work with companies and government agencies whose employees experience discomfort and sustain injuries from overexertion, force, repetition and posture, including industry and manufacturing workers, service providers, and office employees. We provide a unique, proactive ergonomic wellness benefit to keep employees healthy and engaged, whether they’re working virtually or in the office.

Employees feeling discomfort have a hard time focusing, and are at a higher risk for pain and injury. Musculoskeletal-related injuries are the most common form of work-related illness, and risk factors such as static or awkward postures, repetition, and forceful exertions can be found in virtually every occupation and workplace. Strains and sprains are among the most common causes of lost work time and high workers’ compensation claims costs. Overexertion and repetitive movements can create strain, and back injuries are among the most significant and costly.

Call us to discuss how we can help your company improve productivity and reduce injuries and related costs, and discuss the best solution for your company.

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