Get physical therapy virtually

Stamford Physical Therapy now offers Telehealth for new and existing patients! Safely meet with Sarah or Shani from the comfort of your own home, from a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam.

Setting up for your virtual appointment

Sessions will vary from 30 – 60 minutes. We have put together a list of guidelines to help you navigate the new platform and get the most out of your virtual physical therapy session:
  • You need a device with both a microphone and a webcam (built into most laptops).
  • A well-lit room is preferred, so we can see you clearly! 
  • Room to move! We will need to see you full body and close up, so make sure you have room to back up from the screen.
  • Ability to angle your screen, it will help you to show us different parts of your body, such as legs vs. neck. So, laptop or webcam/desktop which can be moved or angled, work much better than a tablet which cannot be angled/tipped easily.
  • Ability to sit, stand and lay down: we will walk you through multiple positions, such as sitting, standing and laying down. We recommend you do the session in a room where you have access to all three positions. A yoga mat, couch or bed will work for laying down.
  • Props! Please have 2 pillows and bath towel available. If you have other items such as a yoga block, yoga strap, or resistance band, please collect and have available (but they are not essential).
  • Audio: if you are wearing a headset, you will be tethered to your device and unable to fully participate. Please use speaker or bluetooth/wireless headphones. If you will be using the speaker, please arrange for a quiet room (to the best of your ability). 

About a Telehealth Session:

Our sessions will include history-taking, functional training, posture/body mechanics and prescription exercises. We understand that this is not the same as in-person, but we are confident that we can provide value with our Telehealth option.