You can visit your PT before your doctor: the law is called Direct Access. In Connecticut, Direct Access means that you can visit a physical therapist without a referral from a physician. You are not required to have a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy services for the first session; if you have one, bring it with you.


Call us and we'll get you scheduled 

  • We will send you forms (not too many!) to fill out on our HIPAA compliant scheduler 

  • We take a full medical history, and evaluate your whole body- how all the systems relate, do you meet your functional demands, all the standard stuff (rom, muscle testing) as well as special tests that are needed. We look at how all of this affects your function, and discuss your goals and what we want to achieve with therapy. 

  • Each evaluation will also include some time spent on treatment, because we want to send you home feeling better...and your first home exercise, at least one thing that you can do on your own to help you manage your symptoms


Many people experiencing pain assume things hurt because they are not in shape, and start working out with a trainer. However, pain is related to dysfunction in the body, and working out with a trainer will not fix the pain. The pain will either get worse, or continue to bother you as you exercise, and it will limit you from achieving your full potential with your trainer. 


Physical therapy can help reduce your pain with proper treatment. At the same time, we communicate closely with your trainer, with a team approach to maximize your benefit of working out. We love partnering with trainers, and communicate closely with them, so you can get the most out of your workout routine while still protecting your body. 


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