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What if I arrive late?

Appointment times have been reserved exclusively for you. If you arrive late, you will be responsible for the full bill and your session may have to be shortened in order to accommodate the patients whose appointments directly follow your session.

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What is the Late Cancellation Policy?

We understand that unanticipated events occasionally happen. Work deadlines, business meetings, transportation issues, snowstorms and illnesses are a few of the reasons why one might consider cancelling an appointment. In order to be effective and fair to ALL of our clients and out of consideration for our therapist’s time we [...]

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Do you participate in insurance?

We are a boutique physical therapy practice and do not accept insurance. We provide a full hour of treatment in order to provide the quality of care and individual attention, which cannot be done with an insurance model. Payment is due at the time of service, and we provide a [...]

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How often will I need to attend physical therapy?

We typically only see patients once per week, and our treatment sessions are each one-hour long. The frequency of once weekly is more than sufficient, and is balanced by the home program that you receive in treatment. We are available for questions between sessions, should any questions arise.  As patients [...]

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How long will my first appointment be?

Your first appointment is one hour, and all follow up sessions are one hour as well. We will review your intake forms, complete a thorough evaluation in order to determine the best plan of care for you, and begin treatment.

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What can I expect during my first Physical Therapy appointment?

Shani and Sarah will perform a detailed examination. Depending on your symptoms and condition, we might evaluate your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture. We will use our hands to examine or "palpate" the affected area or to perform a detailed examination of the mobility of your joints, muscles, and [...]

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