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Can my Physical Therapist give me a diagnosis?

Physical Therapists can give you a physical therapy diagnosis, which relates to a specific movement impairment. This is different from a medical diagnosis. Physical therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement. 

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Will I see the same Therapist each time?

Yes, you will see the same therapist every time, every session. The therapist that completes your evaluation will continue working with you to provide treatment. The only time you would switch therapists would be if the other therapist has a more specific expertise but it would be your choice. 

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How many patients does each Therapist see at the same time?

We only see one patient at a time, and each session is a full hour of individual attention. This allows us to deliver multiple components in one session: manual (hand-on) therapy, targeted exercise, as well as postural and functional components. We will work through a functional progression that speaks to [...]

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Can Physical Therapy help me avoid surgery?

Physical therapists can help you avoid the need for, and the costs and risks of, surgery. Physical therapists help people manage pain and improve movement problems. Some pain and movement problems can become chronic and lead to surgery. Physical therapy helps to reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases and [...]

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Can Physical Therapy help with Pain Management?

Physical therapists help people manage pain without the risks of opioid use. While doctor-prescribed opioids are suitable for some cases, they only mask pain. Opioid risks include depression, substance use disorder, overdose, and withdrawal symptoms when stopping use. To manage long-term pain, the CDC recommends safer options like physical therapy.

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Can I maximize my movement with Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems. They help people maintain or restore as much function as possible. Physical function and movement are very important to: Health, wellness, and fitness Managing pain Earning a living Independence

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